our eggs

currently six sussex homestead is home to a small mixed flock of speckled sussex and rhode island red hens. they are layers of cream colored and brown eggs. our hens free range during the day, get plenty of treats and all the bugs they can find in the yard. one of their favorite pastimes is digging through the compost pile for veggie scraps and worms 🙂

our goal is to provide a good and happy home for our flock and in turn they will provide us with a healthy food source that we can share with the community. we also hope to add quail to the homestead soon, as well as to start selling hatching eggs.

right now we have chicks in the brooder who should be laying by spring time. midnight majesty marans, who will lay a dark brown or chocolate egg, as well as speckled sussex we hatched on site and easter eggers who hopefully will be laying light green or blue eggs.

we choose to sell our eggs UNWASHED. this means that the egg still contains the bloom which is the special coating that protects the egg after the hen lays it. this means the eggs do not need to be refrigerated. however you can put them right in the fridge if you’d like! we keep our eggs on the counter for up to a week unwashed. they can go in the fridge after that point if they haven’t been used yet. if you choose to wash them, they will need to be refrigerated. before using the eggs you will need to rinse them in WARM (not hot) running water. if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here!